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Beolab 7.1 - White - Refurbished

Beolab 7.1 - White - Refurbished

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Fully refurbished Beolab 7 speaker from B&O

Neo Shop offers a fully refurbished Beolab 7 speaker for your new TV with a Neo 7 Adapter.

The world's best speaker - from Bang & Olufsen

Beolab 7 is one of the world's best soundbars for TV. There are 6 amplifiers each with 125 watts of ICEpower - that's an unrivaled sound performance for your TV viewing. In total, the speaker plays 750 watts - for a great sound experience when watching a movie.

Update Beolab 7 and bring back a refurbished surface

The speaker is a few years old and it doesn't affect the electronics and sound.

Have you noticed that the surface of your Beolab 7.1 has lost its shine and the surface is cracking. Then help is at hand.

Neomesteren helps with a fully refurbished Beolab 7.1.

  • It has been completely disassembled at our service workshop
  • The cabinet has been through a professional industrial paint job
  • The cabinet is brand new again with a nice white paint finish.
  • The electronics are overhauled and refurbished
  • All speakers have been inspected and new parts have been added where necessary.

Just look at the difference - now noise and dirt can't stick to the surface and the speaker looks like new again. A refurbished Beolab 7

Sleek and stylish for a new TV updated with Neo 7 Adapter.

What to do with my used Beolab 7

Please note - we will take your used Beolab 7.1 in exchange for 800 DKK including VAT and expect it to be working and not dented in the front grille.

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