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Beovision 7.40 stand - VESA plate 400 x 550 - M6 screw

Beovision 7.40 stand - VESA plate 400 x 550 - M6 screw

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Beovision 7 - 40 VESA mount

This VESA bracket/plate is specially designed to mount on a floor stand, wall mount or table stand from the Beovision 7-40 series.

How to attach the VESA mount

Remove the current B&O TV by loosening 2 screws. Mount the VESA 400 (M6) plate on your TV and then mount the plate with the TV on the stand.

How to choose the right VESA plate - read here

How to install the VESA plate on the BV 7-40 stand - read here

What are the dimensions of the VESA plate / bracket for the Beovision 7 stand

  • The VESA mount has both 200, 300 and 400 mm hole spacing in the side

  • It has holes for 8mm or 6mm screws (M8 or M6) to attach to your TV

  • The VESA plate also has 350 mm height spacing with a 25 mm gap for height adjustment.

  • The plate is designed for larger TVs such as the 55", 65" and 70" series.

  • The product is prepared for mounting Neo 7 Adapter, where holes are prepared.

  • A bag with 4 M6 screws (6 mm), 4 spacers of 10 mm for mounting between TV and plate and 2 M5 (5 mm) screws for mounting Neo 7 Adapter on the VESA plate is included.
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