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Neo 7 (R1)

Neo 7 (R1)

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Neo 7 renews Beovision 7 with new TV

Update your Beovision 7 to Neovision with the latest Neo technology with a new TV. Use Neo 7 Adapter and you can operate your TV with your B&O remote control.

Read more here

Read more here

Mount the innovative and newly developed Neo 7 Adapter between the TV and the Beovision 7 stand and you get the Neovision 7

Note - The software supports TVs from LG, Samsung, Loewe, Philips, Sony and Panasonic.Connect the cables - you're ready to go (cables can be purchased here in Neo Shop)

Neo 7 comes in different hardware versions (releases)

With Neovision 7 with Neo setup, you get

  • Digital audio from TV to Beolab 7 speaker
  • You can still rotate the stand and tilt with TV - just like before
  • Operate the new TV - all with a B&O remote control - typically Beo4 or Beoremote One
  • TV technology that's up to date

Here's how to get Neo technology

  • Attach your new TV with a specially designed VESA mount - directly to the Beovision 7 stand (either floor, wall or table)

  • This VESA plate is specially designed to mount on a floor stand, wall mount or table stand from the Beovision 7 series

  • Remove the current B&O TV by loosening 2 screws

  • Mount the VESA plate on your TV and then mount the plate with the TV on the stand

  • Remember to tighten the 2 screws to make sure the TV does not fall on the floor
  • Neovision 7 is ready

Read the product user manual here

Neomesteren has specially developed this Neo 7 Adapter for the Beovision 7 booth to get the Neovision 7 setup. Many have asked if it fits on other B&O TVs or the Bang & Olufsen stand - unfortunately it does not - it is specific to Beovision 7. We are investigating the possibility of developing other adapter boxes that fit other B&O TVs.

Update possible with Neo 7

Is your Beovision 7.40 or Beovision 7.32 missing HDMI? You have Scart and not HDMI. So what do you do to get HDMI? Are there any update options?

Try Neo 7, which gives you the option to update your Beovision 7 TV and get HDMI - you get Neovision 7. 

The Beovision 7 40 or Beovision 7 32 booth still has the familiar sound of the Beolab 7, but all modern TV options such as HDMI, App's on your TV, streaming from your mobile phone or mobile devices are now present.

Missing HDMI is problematic. However, there is a solution right in front of you. Take it!

Please note

Neo 7 Adapter (R1) does not support Beolab Penta, Beolab 4500/5000 and Beolab 5.
Neo 7 Adapter (R2) will support the above speakers and is expected in August 2023.

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