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Neo 7 - Spacer - M6 - 300 x 200 - 130 mm

Neo 7 - Spacer - M6 - 300 x 200 - 130 mm

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Neo 7 Spacer for Beovision 7

Neo 7 Spacer brings your new TV right to the front edge - like before. Align the front edge of the TV and Beolab 7 speaker to look like Beovision 7.

How Neo 7 Spacer works

The older B&O TV on the Beovision 7.40 stand was flush with the front edge of the Beolab 7 speaker. Newer TVs are not as deep - like the old Beovision 7 TV - so the front edge of the TV is not flush with the front edge of the speaker. It's a matter of taste.

If you want it like before, Neo 7 Spacer is the answer. Now the front edge of the TV is aligned with the front edge of the Beolab 7 speaker.

You also get a cavity behind the TV - where cables, Apple TV and other TV boxes can be hidden. You get an attractive setup without cable clutter.

If you want to make sure your TV is vertical, use Neo Tilt Stop, read here


What are the dimensions of the Spacer and how does it fit the Beovision 7.40 stand

  • This Spacer is intended for a TV with VESA 300 x 200

  • VESA dimensions of 300 mm in width

  • VESA dimensions of 200 mm in height

  • The depth is 130 mm. It moves the front of the TV 130 mm forward

  • Product fits on a Beovision 7 40 stand

  • There are 6 mm spacers

How to choose the right Neo 7 Spacer

VESA is a standard for TV mounting - but that's where standardization ends. Typically, VESA is specified as 300 x 200 or 300 x 300. These are the measurements between the holes on the back of the TV where the bracket attaches. The measurements are in millimeters, so VESA 300 x 200 means that there are 300 mm between the holes (e.g. in width) and 200 mm (e.g. in height).

But the VESA standard doesn't say anything about where the holes are located on the TV. They can be very low (if the TV has electronics on the bottom) or they can be high.

You can get help finding the right VESA plate here


The VESA dimensions determine which spacer you need. You need to consider how far forward the front of your TV should be. All TVs have different thicknesses, so our products jump in distance/depth. You should therefore expect the product to be as close to the front edge of the Beolab 7 speaker as possible.

What's included in the Neo 7 Spacer package

Includes spacers, cover plate and mounting screws for the VESA plate. 

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