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Neo TV (R3)

Neo TV (R3)

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Neo TV bring B&O sound to your TV with Beolab speakers

Neo TV provides B&O sound on your Beolab speakers with LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Loewe or Panasonic TVs - operate with B&O remote control

Use the following as a replacement for B&O TVs - we support these with Neo TV - LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony, Loewe or Panasonic TVs.

Neo TV comes in different hardware versions (releases)
Read more about the different versions here

Here's how to connect your B&O Beolab speakers to Neo TV

  • Experience Bang & Olufsen sound on your new TV
  • Use Beo4 or Beoremote One from B&O. Control both TV and audio with your B&O remote control. You can also use other B&O remotes with limited functionality
  • Digital sound in B&O Beolab speakers
  • Supports TVs from LG, Samsung, Loewe, Philips, Panasonic and Sony
  • A film is best experienced if the sound is perfect - that's the B&O sound.

Which Beolab speaker can I use

If you have Bang & Olufsen Beolab speakers with power link, you're well on your way.

Speakers like Beolab 8000, Beolab 6000, Beolab 4000, Beolab 3, Beolab 4 and many more .... are perfect for the solution

Read here which B&O speakers Neo TV supports

IR control from Beo4 or Beoremote One

Neo TV can be hidden behind your TV (TV must be able to "see" the IR signal from Neo TV).

The IR (Infra Red) signal from your B&O remote control is easily picked up by Neo TV as the product has the IR receiver at the end of the cable. You can place the receiver within a range of 75 cm from the box.

Place Neo TV hidden and only the IR receiver is visible. Place the IR receiver on the back of your TV or under the TV cabinet - double-sided tape included for easy installation.

Read the user guide here

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