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Power Link Cable - MK2 - Black - Male to Male - 3 m

Power Link Cable - MK2 - Black - Male to Male - 3 m

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B&O powerlink cable with DIN 8 pin male/female

Powerlink cable in black with a length of 3 meters with DIN 8 pin male to male connector - the cable is a Mk2 type.

The Power link cable is used to connect B&O systems together with primarily speakers.

Data on DIN 8 Male to Male cable

  • The cable is 3 meters long

  • DIN 8 pin male connector on one end and male connector on the other end.

  • The cable has 8 internal wires with a shield around it. See more below

  • The colour is black.

Read details about the cable here

Technical details about DIN 8 Male to Male powerlink cable

Powerlink cable model 2 (Mk II or Mk 2)

The cable contains 8 wires, of which 2 pairs are twisted and shielded (right and left channel, 1 wire is shielded (data traffic) and one wire for Overload signal. The entire cable is shielded in one.

The cable is typically used for speakers with display. These are B&O speakers, such as BeoLab 3000, BeoLab 4500, BeoLab 5000, Penta MK II and Penta MK III.
The cable is also used for amplifiers, such as ML/MCL Converter and BeoLink Passive.

The above speakers and amplifiers must use specific wires in the cable. Pin 6 on the connector is a Data pin which is required to be able to use the display on the speaker. Pin 1 on the connector is the power on/off on the speaker and finally pin 8 is the overload detection on the amplifiers.

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